Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

Aspire 4732z XP driver

Starting from the entry of acer aspire 4732z laptop from customer to our store and customer wants Vistanya replaced with Windows XP SP2. the first thing I did was look at the availability of drivers on and it was not available XP drivers for this aspire. Confidently I use XP drivers on aspire 4730z like:

1. Chipset di SINI
2. VGA di SINI
3. Wireless di SINI
4. Webcam di SINI
5. LAN di SINI
6. Modem di SINI
7. Card Reader di SINI
Well the problem is the absence of a suitable audio driver for aspire 4732z on aspire 4732z download page on or acer global
For a moment I leave first and try to see references in mbah google ...
it turns out nil ... I've had similar cases on HP laptops, then I'm interested in downloading MS UAA (UAE) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.

please download Here then for its xp sound driver I found a unique thing, I usually download from acer gobal site (like europe and lain2), but the acer malaysia page is very unique, the menu piihan OS on the global page acer or there is no Windows xp but in Acer malaysia was there. look at the page here see the choice of his laptop and we will arrive at the 4732z asire on the dropdown menuOS there is windows XP..hopla ... not excited me.
If colleagues have trouble downloading directly  driver XP sound audio . Finally my work is done too and the customer is very happy. Do not forget to install mS UAA first until the device sound is recognized new XP Driver install it. hopefully this experience can help my colleagues.

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